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128-bit storage: are you high?

Top 6 things I've Learned as a Guitar Noob

Moving to Native IPv6 with DHCPv6-PD

Running Unifi Controller on a Raspberry Pi

The CDDL is Not Incompatible With the GPL

Running Containers in Production, no really!

Creating ECDSA SSL Certificates in 3 Easy Steps

Star Wars

illumos: The State of Fully Modern Unix

IPv6 the SmartOS Way

A Primer on CFEngine 3.6 Autorun

How the NSA is breaking SSL

Timeout in a Shell Script

Statement by Edward Snowden to Human Rights Groups at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport

Raspbery Pi and EW-7811Un

A Case Study in CFEngine Layout

Philosophy of System Administration

Slow Cacti Graph Rendering

Tron: Legacy

Down to 12



Growing the Capacity of a ZFS Mirror

The Great Digital Disaster of 2010

Fanboy (Or Why I Hate Flash)

Don't Blink or You'll Miss It

Apache mod_rewrite Based on Logged in User

Making the Switch to VirtualBox

Updated GTD Workflow

The revolution will not be on YouTube

Nothing feels better than relief

With iPhone to Spare

Why your tea party isn't like Boston

The Crisis of Credit, Visualized

Change, in more ways than one

Beginning to give up on the world

Party like it's 1929

AntiPod, or why all the world owns an iPod and will soon own an iPhone

Philip Greenspun is right

Don't talk to the Palm

Beating a dead horse or No, I'm not getting an iPhone 3G

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated

Who would have thought?

It's begun



Never update an SSL certificate on the day it's due

E-mail and you

Centralized networks are teh suck

iPhone: No love for iWork

iPhoto '08 finally fixes tagging

I'll teach you to be happy!!

Visual VoiceMail is the shizzle

Overheard on the street

How it happened

She said YES!!


For the record...

Unexptected surprise

Interesting new Airport

I don't know about you . . .


I'm a daddy


What the hell man?

What a day

This is not how I wanted to spend my weekend

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

It's getting better


And now a breather

It's getting easier



El Prado

Why is it called a Zune?

A nice way to start the day

Creating SSL certificates in 3 easy steps



Recorded telephone conversation

How did this happen?

Why the new Star Trek movie will suck

Phoning home?

The MacBook

Bird's Nest Soup

And now for some good news

Mice without tails

0/5 Wall, [R]: +1/+0 until end of turn

Sesame Street

Just for you

Cfengine is pretty sweet


Photo Booth

Will someone please think about the children?

Apple's New Stuff

Whoever said a 6502 was useless?

Some days things go right

Macs are not all glamorous


What's to become of the PowerMac and PowerBook?

Spacers and VRRP

A History of the GUI

Mac OS X Firewall restore

Spotlight not so problems

99.44% Pure

Welcome back

Good Night

The gift that keeps on giving

A rush and a push

More bass

Other blogs

Sucks for HP

The UNIXness of Mac OS X

The New iMac G5

New Computer

Shaken not stirred goodness

Stuck with RH?

Fast and Easy Mac OS X NFS Mounting

New Dell


The trouble with Gmail


Possibly last post from DC

Still from DC

In DC part 2


Linux Rendezvous

Enabling anonymous FTP in Mac OS X (Panther)

Bass, Google

All your bass are belong to us.

As I was saying


Getting closer

Almost a chance to relax

Virtual Privacy

Just a quiet evening


Why wait?