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The world is abuzz because of Movable Type’s new pricing. I haven’t decided what I think yet. On the one hand, it’s still free for me so who cares, right? On the other hand it’s not free software (but I am writing this from my Mac…). On top of that I found the first and second thing I don’t like about MT. One of those is the pricing, the other is comment counts aren’t updated after they’re posted. I’m not sure which of those is number one and which is number two. But they’re both there. I don’t know what I’m going to do about it yet. This is exactly the kind of thing that hacks me off about proprietary software. If you start to depend on it you find that you’re suddenly getting screwed, and it doesn’t feel very good. The real bummer about this is that there’s nothing comparable. I already mentioned my disappointment with PHP-Nuke, LiveJournal and Drupal. Because of all the activity on the MT TalkBack I’ve discovered a few more, vis Wordpress and TextPattern, both of which have their inadequacies and are written in PHP. Now, I’m not particularly against PHP, but every CMS I’ve encountered that is written in PHP requires register_globals. The source of all security holes in every PHP application is register_globals. Enough about this. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.