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Possibly last post from DC

All of the things I’ve been worried about in DC completely vanished today. Every last bug has been squashed flat and juiceless. I’ve seen the entire city, photographed it all, and visited customers. Today, I worked. It wasn’t gruelling work, but it was hard work. And it was awesome. I’m so jazzed about the places I went today I’m practically jumping up and down. Of course, this is Anonymizer and I can’t tell you who it is or I’ll get fired. But it’s nothing short of…amazing. It’s seriously the radest thing ever. I thought it was cool when I went to Universal Studios and took pictures of the DeLorean. I thought it was cool when I went to the Smithsonian on Saturday and took pictures of the Enterprise. This was the coolest thing ever! It took me serious effort to not just beam the entire time. I can’t talk about it anymore.

About spending time with Lance and John, it’s been really cool. Last night we hung out and talked about being young, growing into adulthood and such things. I’ve kind of gotten to know them like I didn’t anticipate but appreciate. I also got to see the kool-aide man in action with some customers and that guy is a machine. He doesn’t just make good kool-aide, he makes damned good kool-aide. I very well may have watched him bring in half a million in revenue today. The guy is just amazing. He says he can grow Anonymizer. I believe it. I just hope that someday I get to go back to where I went today! :-D