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Almost a chance to relax

It’s been so busy latey, and I’ve just been drained after work. The VPN thing is finally under control though. Note to anybody who cares, CuberGuard sucks. We switched to NetScreen and they’re much more stable. I was able to configure one each for both Lance and James to take home this weekend, and it looks like they’re in good shape. Lance’s cable modem changed IP’s on him though, so his isn’t working right now. That’s not a huge failure, I don’t think. I didn’t set it up to use dynamic addressing, but I can do that later and it’ll work fine.

Because of the VPN thing though, my e-mail’s been knocked out for a few days. I can recieve mail, but I can’t send. The cox mail servers deny relaying except by localy destined or internally originated messages. I have a couple that I really need to return though that’ll have to wait until Monday or so.

So I went to see Shrek 2 last night. I thought it was really good. The beginning is super cheese, and it’s even worse that the unnamed donkey and dragon are now named quite uncreatively Donkey and Dragon. Puss in Boots was hillarious and most definately my favorite part of the movie. Antonio Banderas is just smooth and it really comes out in Puss.